WHAT IS 12 DOZEN? 12 DOZEN, which stands for, the 12 tribes of Israel, “Daughters of Zion Essential Needs, is a very simple project aimed at helping women and their children with things they may need on a daily basis. The way this project is structured, allows anyone to participate in their local areas by giving away items to the Daughters of Zion from their own overflow or simply supplying a posted need within their reach of affordability.

There is no commitment required, only a network put in place to offer what you have to these women and their children in need. Platforms that are already in place, such as facebook marketplace, craigslist, and other popular social media platforms can be used by both the givers and the receivers. For instance, if you have extra produce you’d like to give away, simply post in on these social platforms with the label, 12 DOZEN, and a person (Daughter of Zion) who is in need of your produce can respond. We suggest meeting individuals in a mutual public place to give them the goods unless you feel comfortable doing otherwise.

HOW DO I POST A NEED? We would suggest posting your need to several platforms for maximum exposure. For instance, you may want to post your request on facebook marketplace, craigslist and the Virtue Vibe website for maximum views. You should also share your post on your individual facebook or google plus page if you have one. When posting, keep in mind that you are appealing to a network of others who may themselves have needs and are just offering up their overflow to help other women and their children.

WHAT IF NO ONE RESPONDS TO MY POST? If you are a person in need and are posting a request for essential items, please be patient as this is merely an idea that we are formulating in an attempt to encourage others to reach out and help someone else when they can. There is no guarantee of a response as you will be appealing to individuals in your area or who are connected with you on social media sites. We are simply encouraging cheerful giving in areas where an individual or group may have overflow. Although we are establishing this network of giving, we still encourage individuals to do all that they can to help their own situation, while seeking help from others.

HOW DO GIVERS PREVENT PROGRAM ABUSE? This is one of the questions presented to us by several people since we thought of doing this and it is a valid concern for many, including the Virtue Vibe Team. We certainly don’t wish to have people taking advantage of others because they see or feel that they can. We want those with real needs to participate in this program and be able to connect with those who are willing to give and be a blessing to the Daughters of Zion. This program works by simply posting what you have to give or responding to posted needs according to what you can afford. There is never a requirement to respond to a need that you can’t afford or any pressure to do more than you, yourself can handle. If you feel that a post is overreaching, such as someone having exuberant request that would not be classified as a need, you simply ignore it. We do encourage cheerful giving with discernment, however. JOIN THE 12 DOZEN NETWORK TODAY!